5 Beautiful Places in Ethiopia

1. Sweeping panoramas of the Simien Mountains. 

2. Neon reds, greens, and yellows of the Danakil springs. 

3. Jungle thickets and clearings of the Bale Mountains

4. Sandstone cliffs of Tigray

5. Undulating lowlands from the plateaus at Wollo

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty of Ethiopia

Simien Mountains National Park

Jaw-dropping plateaus, ridges, gorges and gullies characterise this UNESCO World Heritage Site. With some of the world's best trekking routes, endemic wildlife and luxurious lodges perched in hills, the Simien Mountains are Ethiopia's most popular destination, and for good reason.

Danakil Depression

A geological depression caused by the continental drift of three tectonic plates, the Danakil Depression is one of Earth’s most unusual environments. Renowned as the ‘hottest place on the planet’ and home to salt lakes, lava lakes, volcanoes, and colourful acidic springs - it’s a wonderful, alien environment.

Trekking in Wollo

Community trekking began in Wollo. There are currently 11 community guesthouses set up in the region, and a community trek here typically takes 3-5 days. The viewpoints are simply staggering, and the starlight in this part of the country is extraordinary. 

Trekking in Tigray

The unique and stunning landscape of Tigray makes community trekking here one of the best experiences available in the country. The treks traverse the giant plateaus that jut out of the Tigrayan landscape, taking you down into the valleys before ascending sharply over the top of the ridges. 

Bale Mountains National Park

Located 400km southeast of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, the Bale Mountains National Park is one of the country’s most beautiful and popular outdoor destinations. A nominee in 2009 for UNESCO World Heritage status, the park is home to diverse landscapes, unique habitats and stunning wildlife.

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