What is Luxury in Ethiopia?

Charter aircraft

Private helicopters and fixed-wing aeroplanes permit access to otherwise inaccessible destinations and unmatched views of Ethiopia's extraordinary landscapes. 

Specialist guides

Whether you're on safari in the Bale Mountains or tracking Buffalo in Gambella, you'll be accompanied by specialist guides who know the regions inside and out. 

Luxury lodges and private tented camps

There are a small selection of exceptional lodges that makes for perfect respites along an action-packed adventure tour. Private tented camps will be your base for exploring Ethiopia's rugged outdoors. 

Exclusive access

Travel to the least explored, most remarkable destinations in the country, or stay on the main trail with vantage points unlike any other. Exclusive access means both exploring the unknown, and masterfully exploring the known. 

Ethiopia Luxury Tours
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Luxury travel in Ethiopia does not mean poolside cocktails in 5-star hotels. Luxury in Ethiopia is exclusive access to the country's most remarkable destinations. Specialist guides and travel by charter aircraft means you can craft bespoke itineraries that blend Ethiopia's most exceptional experiences into one, seamless adventure.

Examples of Luxury Adventures in Ethiopia

Experiences on offer

Charter to Gambella

Gambella National Park in the westernmost corner of Ethiopia is one of the hardest places to access in the country and therefore one of the least explored national parks.

Charter aircraft lets you explore this extraordinary region, where elephants, buffalo and giraffes roam the unkept savannah plains. 

Danakil by chopper

The Danakil Depression, with its kaleidoscopic cinder cone volcanoes, sprawling salt plans of Saharan desert scale, lava lakes, salt lakes and camel caravans is already an otherworldly sight. When viewed from the skies, it's an experience like no other.

Few experiences so vividly illustrate the geological power and beauty of the natural world. 

Simien Mountains from the skies

The jagged peaks and sweeping panoramas of the Simien Mountains make it one of Ethiopia's most popular destinations. It's known as the 'Roof of Africa', and for good reason.

Campsites and luxury lodges are great bases to explore the trekking routes and wildlife of the park, but there's no question that flying over the mountain ranges provides a window to these extraordinary highlands that's second to none. 

Safari in the Bale Mountains

Hike across electric landscapes of thick forests, Afro-alpine moorland, peaks and plateaus, and jungle thickets. An extraordinary outdoor adventure, with high altitude hikes unlocking staggering viewpoints, beautiful clearings, and endemic wildlife.

At night, the sky is ablaze with starlight in this beautiful, untouched wilderness. Few travellers are aware of the camping opportunities in the Bale Mountains, so you'll likely have the park all to yourselves.

Omo Valley tented camps

Tented camps in the Omo Valley region provide exclusive access to the more remote regions of the valley. Getting away from the main trail means you avoid much of the sour commercial atmosphere that's creeping into the Omo Valley.

Luxury tented camps and fly camps by the Omo River, specialist guides and genuine encounters with the local people make for a magical experience in one of the most fascinating destinations in Africa. 

Tigrayan sandstone cliffs from above

The stunning landscape of Tigray is characterised by massive sandstone cliffs jutting out of the otherwise level lowlands.

Take the chopper down from the Danakil or up from the Simiens and enjoy this beautiful landscape before touching down at your base at Korkor Lodge. Explore the churches and monasteries built high into the cliff faces over the course of two days exploring. 

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Unlike other trips you'll find on our website, we don't show prices on these luxury adventures for the simple reason that prices fluctuate so much depending on the specifics of the itinerary and time of year. Being luxury adventures, these trips are not inexpensive, but they represent the very best experiences on offer in the country. 

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