Geography and ecology

Located exactly two hundred kilometressouth of the capital, Addis Ababa, the lake is accessible via road and is found on the border between Misraq Shewa and Arsi Zones.

The lakes and surrounding area usually feature in tours of the wider Abijatta-Shalla Lakes.

Lake Langano is 18 kilometres long and 16 km wide, with a surface area of 230 square kilometres and a maximum depth of 46 meters, making it one of the bigger lakes in the country.

The waters within the lake are one of the few parasite free bodies of water in the country, making it a popular swimming spot both locals and travellers.

Despite its milky tea colour, the water in the lake is actually thought to have healing properties thanks to the high mineral content.

Lake Langano

Not only popular amongst Ethiopia's human population, the lake is home to a wide and diverse range of wildlife. Home to countless indigenous species, some of the animals hidden in the reeds along its shore and submerged within its depths include hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs and a variety of birds.

Bird-watching is one of the most popular activities upon the banks of Lake Langano, with a plethora of water sports also available for thrill seeking visitors.

The western shore of the lake are considered the most scenic, due to the large scale deforestation which has devastated the east side of the lake, with many of the areas luxury resorts found here. Although much of the area around the lake is largely deforested,to make way for the lavish resorts ,a large number of herders live around the lake, in traditional communities, largely unchanged for centuries.

Lake Langano
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