Accommodation in Gonder at a glance

Being one of the major destinations along the northern circuit, Gonder has enough decent accommodation options to make for a comfortable stay while you explore the city. 

The two best options in town are Goha hotel and Gondar Hills Resort

There are plenty of budget options, but it's generally worth paying for the best available in Gonder as standards drop exponentially with price in this town. 

Dining table with mountains in the background at Gondar Hills Resort

Best Available

Herfazy Luxury Resort

Serving customers for the best part of 30 years, the Herfazy Luxury resort is a solid accommodation option in Gondar. 

From the off, the resort was founded as an ecologically focused hotel, and they continue to prioritize maintaining and improving the local environment.

Equipped with huge amounts of outdoor space, Herfazy allows for spending sunny afternoons rambling around its lush outdoor spaces, a direct juxtaposition to the fast-paced hustle and bustle of Gondar just over the garden wall.

Once night descends upon the city, the resort has the facilities to keep you going all night, with two separate bars offering local beer and cocktail tasting, two dining areas and a range of activities all held on site. 

Price guide: $100-200 per night (depending on season and room availability)

Herfazy Resort in Gondar, Ethiopia

Gondar Hills Resort

Gondar Hills Resort, located on the foothills of the mountains that tower over Gondar, is one of the best options in the area.

Equipped with 78 luxury suites, the hotel is an ideal place for those wanting some relaxation and recuperation. 

Overlooking the castles within the royal enclosure and the stone complex that surrounds it, and set to the backdrop of long sloping hills and vast valleys, the scenery surrounding the resort makes it a one of the best options in town. 

Patio view from bedroom at Gondar Hills Resort

Goha Hotel

Sat on the hill surrounding Gondar, Goha hotel is perfectly located for travellers wanting to dip in and out of the city, whilst still enjoying it from both sides: the fast-paced city centre and more mellow surrounding countryside. 

Beautiful scenes surround the hotel, with some views stretching as far as the distant Lake Tana

Goha Hotel is well-designed, the service and views are fantastic, and it is one of the safer bets in town as far as cleanliness and comfort goes. 

Goha Hotel Gondar

Mid-range options

Mayleko Lodge

Mayleko Lodge is one of the finer guesthouses in Gondar. Equipped with a rooftop terrace overlooking downtown Gondar, Mayleko Lodge comprises cosy cabin rooms spread out over a verdant forest clearing. 

Free WiFi can be found throughout the hotel, and optional continental or a buffet breakfast are available. Located 16km away from the Kuskuam Palatial stone complex and 19km from Adian-Seghed Iyasus Castle, the Lodge exposes a more calming side to the city, whilst still allowing easy access to Gondar's main attractions.

Price Guide: $70-85 per night (depending on season and room availability)

Accommodation in Gonder

Mayleko Lodge in Gondar

Lodge du Chateau

Located right behind the royal enclosure, Lodge du Chateau is built amongst large palm trees and a courtyard full of lush vegetation. 

The hotel offers visitors a more traditional design, with much of the decor inspired by traditional guest houses once found across Ethiopia. A perfect option for those wanting easy access to all of Gondar's sights, the modest pricing and all round welcoming atmosphere makes Lodge du Chateau a decent option in town. 

Price Guide; $52-75 per night (depending on season and room availability)

Accommodation in Gonder

Haile Resort

Found only a stone's throw away from the castles and churches of Gondar, Haile Resort offers 66 guest suits all with an extended view of the city.

Situated only 2 miles away from Fasilides Bath, the resort is the perfect place to start and end sightseeing jaunts around the city, and for those looking for a bit of downtime, the hotel allows guests access to the swimming pool, hot tub and lounge bar all on site. 

Accommodation in Gonder

Budget Options

L-Shape Hotel

One of the more budget friendly hotels on this list, the L-shape hotel comes full of the standard amenities you would expect, but at a fraction of the cost.

Only 2 miles from Falasha Village, the hotel is an excellent option for those wanting easy access to all of Gonder's major sights without the price tag usually associated with accommodation located this centrally.

With a restaurant on site, and room service available, the L-shape hotel is a good choice for prudent punters, but be prepared for maintenance issues and a general lack of TLC. This is budget accommodation after all!

Price guide: $10-27 per night (depending on season and room availability) 

L-shape hotel in Gondar, Ethiopia

Inn of the Four Sisters

Located 600 metres away from the Queen Tayitu Pension, the Inn of the Four Sisters is one of Gondar's most popular spots amongst tourists and locals, in part thanks to its amazing atmosphere.

Only 1km away from Fasilidas castle, the hotel is a prime location for sightseeing, and offers a range of half and full board options. The hotel has complimentary WiFi throughout the property and each room comes equipped with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Price guide: $50-75 per night (depending on season and room availability)

Accommodation in Gonder

Zobel Resort Hotel

A peaceful haven for travellers in Gondar, the Zobel Resort is a charming hotel in a quiet corner of the town, offering great views and quiet nights.

Full of spacious rooms and suits, surrounded by tranquil courtyards, the area surrounding the hotel offers second to none views of the castle city.

All rooms are air-conditioned, and equipped with a range of modern amenities.

Price Guide: $73-170 per night (depending on season and room availability)

Accommodation in Gonder

AG Hotel

Situated in the centre of town, AG Hotel is another budget option for those looking to save pennies and focus on convenience of location.

Just a 10-minute walk from the main attractions in Gondar, the hotel is in well-located, but not so well maintained! It is a simple affair, but does the job well enough, 

AG Hotel in Gondar, Ethiopia

Fasil Lodge

Stripped back and basic, Fasil Lodge won't impress you with design, maintenance, or service, but it is very conveniently located. 

The communal dining and surrounding noise from the city gives the lodge a warm and distinctly hostel feel, something lost in some of the more prestigious establishments.

Situated only a two-minute walk away from the ticket office for the Royal Enclosure, the lodge is perfect for those wanting to spend the majority of their time out, mingling with the locals and absorbing the history seeping through every street. 

Accommodation in Gonder

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