Why choose to camp in the Simiens?

  • Spending your nights under the stars at 3000m, surrounded by other like-minded travellers, is the most authentic way to experience the majest of the Simiens. 
  • Explore all the nooks and crannies of the park as you trek from camp to camp
  • All camping gear and equipment is provided. 
  • Share stories and connect with your local guides over a roaring open campfire. 

The three campsites


Sankaber is the first campsite along the Simien Mountains trail. Typically, you will take a sortie into the park with our 4x4s and drop off at Buit Ras. From here, you begin the trek to Sankaber camp. Sankaber is surrounded by Giant Heath trees (Erica Arboreal) and escarpment edges. The trail from Buit Ras to Sankabor is relatively mild, but there are some sharper ascents and you'll be climbing to around 3200 metres. 

If you have spare energy, there are a few stunning viewpoints dotted around the campsite. Snacks and dinner are provided by fantastic local cooks on arrival.

Camping in the Simien Mountains

Geech Campsite

The trail heads east from Sankaber, down from the plateau to the escarpment edge where the Jinbar River plunges 500 m into a canyon known as the Geech Abyss. Vultures and other birds of prey circle above the Abyss. You can reach a dramatic viewpoint by way of a narrow path. The trail then goes up and skirts around the edge of the canyon, and drops down to cross the Jimbar river some way upstream from the falls, before zigzagging up out of the river bed, onto the plateau and the camp site at Geech. Geech sits in an open portion of land, relatively void of shrubbery. 

Once again your cooking team will do you proud. It gets cold at night so soon after eating you will probably head for the tent.

Camping in the Simien Mountains

Chennek Campsite

The trail from Geech to Chennek follows plateau eastwards to Imet Gogo, perhaps the most stunning vantage point in the park. A narrow path leads out to a viewpoint from which you can see the high moorland plateau cut as if by a giant knife with sheer cliffs dropping off into the lowlands. When you tear yourself away from here you drop down into the valley of the Jimbar river. If you stick to the escarpment edge you won't drop down too far but will have a steep climb up to the highest peak around, Innatiye (4,070m). 

Chennek is surrounded by stunning scenery with tents set among Giant Lobelia with the slopes of Mount Bwahit behind and the peak of Innatiye in front with its sculpted escarpment.

Camping in the Simien Mountains
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