Defining Luxury Accommodation in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, luxury does not mean 5* hotels (there are very few of these, and they're all in Addis Ababa!).

Luxury lodges in Ethiopia combine exceptional service with beautiful design, and a respect for the surrounding environment

Often, it is the location of these lodges that make them so special. 

These lodges have all the facilities you’d expect from any decent international hotel, but their aesthetic, service, location and character combine to create an experience you can’t help but call luxurious. 

The accommodation we've picked here are some of the best lodges in Ethiopia - with a long list of happy customers - and they are leading the way in the development of the tourism industry in the country. 

Fireplace outside Bale Mountain Lodge with mountains in background

Luxury Hotels & Lodges in Ethiopia

Limalimo Lodge, Simien Mountains National Park

Limalimo Lodge is one of Ethiopia’s finest retreats. The lodge boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace complete with sunbeds offering remarkable views over the Simien Mountains National Park

Limalimo Lodge is fast becoming the default way to explore the Simien Mountains. The lodge has 12 cosy en-suite rooms, a dining hall centred on an open fireplace, a bar and lounge area, and all meals are included with your room. 

The lodge sits just outside the national park itself, but thanks to a gravel road that runs through the park, you can take sorties into the Simiens by 4x4 to explore the best viewpoints, hiking routes, and wildlife the park has to offer. 

Bale Mountain Lodge, Bale Mountains National Park

Set deep within the Bale Mountains National Park, the Bale Mountains Lodge is a boutique lodge nestled into the Harenna Forest.

The lodge has a selection of cosy rooms complete with a fireplace, en-suite bathroom and balcony. Some of the rooms have great views of the surrounding mountains and forest

The lodge is a great example of eco-lodging in Ethiopia. The cabin-style rooms are dotted around the compound and accessed through a maze of pathways that wind through the forest. 

The lodge bends into the natural surroundings, and nothing beats enjoying a coffee from the terrace as the sun rises over the surrounding massifs. 

Korkor Lodge, Tigray

In the flatlands of Tigray - horizons bordered by giant sandstone cliffs Korkor Lodge is an example of eco-tourism-done-right in Ethiopia. 

The lodge offers the service, functionality and aesthetic of luxury accommodation.

The surrounding environment had an obvious influence on the design of the lodge. Korkor feels like a natural extension of the stunning Gheralta landscape.

The lodge comprises a selection of stone wall bungalows, wooden floors and ceilings, en-suite bathrooms, French-style doors and adjoining terraces.

Korkor Lodge is our first-choice of accommodation in Tigray, and a great base for exploring the rock-churches in the region. 

Kuriftu Resort & Spa, Bahir Dar

On the shores of Lake Tana in Bahir Dar, the Kuriftu Resort is one of the better accommodation options on the northern circuit, and the best accommodation option in Bahir Dar. 

Kuriftu Resorts is a chain including three properties in Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, and Adama. The resort in Bahir Dar is by far the most popular. 

The resort walks the line between boutique lodging and up-market hotel. The service, design, and facilities of Kuriftu easily outperforms any competing lodges in the area, and its lakeside location makes for great views and romantic lakeside dinners

Kuriftu could be stretching the definition of luxury a bit - but it still stands well above most accommodation options in the country. 

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The Limalimo Lodge, Bale Mountains Lodge, and Korkor Lodge are the three best accommodation options in Ethiopia. They are the most expensive options in each region, but well worth it. 

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