Tours to Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar sits on the shores of Lake Tana, Ethiopia's biggest lake. It is typically the first stop outside of Addis along the historic north circuit.

Most people spend just a day or two in Bahir Dar before continuing their journey. The main attractions here are the boat trips out across Lake Tana, and an afternoon excursion to the magnificent Blue Nile Falls. 

There are many islands on Lake Tana, and these islands are home to ancient monasteries and churches built centuries ago. Beyond the monasteries, a trip across the lake is a great chance to spot the wildlife around the park, including huge groups of Great White Pelicans, as well as hippos and reptiles. 

A short drive from Bahir Dar is the Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia's most famous waterfall. It you are visiting between June and October, the waterfall will be running at its full force and the surrounding countryside will be verdant as the flowers are in full bloom following the rainy season. 

Bahir Dar has a decent selection of accommodation options, with the lakeside Kuriftu Resort being the best available in the town. 

Bahir Dar Tours

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