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Below you'll find a selection of trips that illustrate what's possible. All aspects of the trips, from accommodation, hiking distances, travel times and activities can be adjusted to suit you perfectly. 

Classic Routes

The classic routes are a synthesis of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, flora and fauna, ancient architecture, historical monuments and profound cultural experiences. These trips are our most popular adventures.

Peaks, Plateaus and Dramatic Landscapes

Jagged peaks in the Simien Mountains, towering limestone cliffs in Tigray, thick jungle thickets in the Bale Mountains, neon acid springs of cinder cone volcanoes in the Danakil Depression. Ethiopia has some of the most impressive landscapes we've ever seen.


Whilst Ethiopia is not a classic safari destination, its incredible national parks offer world class trekking and hiking. The landscapes and viewpoints are unbelievable, and there are a number of endemic species to be found.

Adventures south of Addis

The routes south of Addis Ababa have provided some of our most memorable moments in Ethiopia. The range of experiences available in the south means every itinerary captures something unique, and utterly magical.

Historical Monuments of Ethiopia's Past

Ethiopia has a tremendously rich history dating back to the dawn of humanity. Humans have been navigating life in Ethiopia for millennia with each civilisation leaving behind artifacts and clues that have helped us slowly unravel the origins of humanity and life on Earth.

Festivals of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a vibrant festival calendar and travelling the country during one of these magical events is an experience unlike any other. These trips can run as private or group tours, subject to availability.

Multi-week Adventures

Combine the highlights of the north and south of along a 2+ week trip.

Luxury Adventures

Travel to the furthest corners of Ethiopia by charter flight or private helicopter, camp overnight in luxury lodges or private tented camps that offer exclusive access into the most exciting regions of Ethiopia.

How Can We Help You?

We love helping people plan adventures to Ethiopia, and with a network of local partners and years of experience, we can help you decide when to travel, where to go and what to see.

Ready to plan your Ethiopia adventure?



We'll spend some time listening to your aspirations, then discuss the kind of experience that might suit you.



Next we'll discuss the options, shortlist the best trips for you and present you our impartial recommendations.



We'll place a 24 hour hold on your preferred option - without obligation - whilst we talk through the details.

Whatever your budget, group size, length of stay, preferred activity or appetite for adventure, we can help.

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