Lalibela accommodation at a glance

Lalibela has a decent selection of mid-range accommodation options in the centre of town. These lodges are clean and comfortable, and give you easy access to the rock-hewn churches, as well as the restaurants around the town.

Lalibela's hilltop location means many of the lodges have fantastic views over the rural countryside and are a great spot for sundowners from your veranda. 

There are no luxury hotels in Lalibela, the best available are solid 3-star accommodations, despite how they might brand themselves!

Accommodation in Lalibela

Ben Abeba Hotel on the hills of Lalibela

Best Available

Mezena Lodge

Mezena Lodge is one of the best accommodation options in Lalibela. The lodge has a lot of character, but is perhaps a bit too large to be called 'boutique'. 

The 16 acre plot holds 30 large and well-furnished en-suite bungalows, built on the slopes below a central terrace and swimming pool. The terrace leads to a large bar, the hotel reception, ceremonial coffee room and restaurant. There is also a small spa and business centre.

The terrace is one of the best spots for sundowners in Lalibela - the lodge is situated slightly out of town and so has great views looking out over the expansive countryside. 

Maribela Hotel

Before the opening of Mezena Lodge, the Maribela was the best hotel in Lalibela. Located a 10-minute walk north of the town centre, the hotel has wonderful views of the valleys from the room verandas. The Maribela takes a more traditional hotel style than a lodge, with rooms clustered together in a single accommodation block rather than individual bungalows. 

There is a restaurant that generates consistently strong reviews and the staff are well-known for their warm welcome and attentive service.

Accommodation in Lalibela


Mountain View Hotel

Perched on a ridge overlooking the Lasta Mountains, the Mountain View Hotel is an interesting example of Afro-modernist architecture built by two former guides, Getachew and Metaso.

The rooms are comfortably furnished and spacious, but relatively simple when compared to the external building and the view. Mountain View probably has the best view of any hotel in Lalibela (hence the name!), but it has been known to have maintenance and cleanliness issues which can detract from your experience. 

The rooftop terrace is a great place from which to watch the sunset after which you can wander to the restaurant where you can choose from a good range of Ethiopian and international dishes.

Accommodation in Lalibela

Tukul Village

A modern interpretation of the ancient stone tukul houses unique to Lalibela, Tukul Village is a popular hotel that is located just a 10-15-minute walk downhill from the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. 

A joint Dutch-Ethiopian enterprise, each room takes up an entire floor of a tukul and has large bathrooms, floor to ceiling windows and private balconies. Some rooms have views over to Bet Giyorgis (Saint George Church). 

The food is excellent and offers great value for money, the menu offering an imaginative mix of Ethiopian and international dishes.

Lalibela Lodge

It is not often that a hotel can say they hosted a former US President. So don’t be surprised when you see photos of G.W. Bush around Lalibela Lodge!

Lalibela Lodge consists of a small dining area, adjoining bar and 16 rooms, all of which come with their own private balcony. They are south facing to allow you take full advantage of the beautiful mountain scenery. The rooms are close to one another and the overall look and feel of the place is basic but comfortable. It is cosy and offers a warm welcome.

The food at the restaurant has a wide range of both western and Ethiopian cuisine. 

Accommodation in Lalibela

Top Twelve Hotel

Top Twelve Hotel is a great medium-sized hotel on the hillside behind the Mountain View Hotel, close to the Ben Abeba Restaurant. It is clean, comfortable, light and well run.

As you enter the hotel, you'll notice medieval-style church doors, evidence of the Church of Saint George's influence on the design of the hotel. The views are great here, and there is a lovely garden area where you can enjoy a drink overlooking the beautiful views!

Accommodation in Lalibela

Totally Unique

Hudad Lodge

Hudad Lodge is found in the towering escarpments surrounding Lalibela. A basic lodge with infinite character, the lodge is used as the overnight spot after an eco trek in the highlands of Lalibela. 

The Hudad Lodge hike is the perfect addition to a couple of days exploring Lalibela, and the scenery, hospitality, and starlight in this part of the country will combine to create an unforgettable night in the mountains. 

Accommodation in Lalibela

Budget Options

Fikir and Ray Lodge

There is so much to experience in Ethiopia, from the early morning service to a joyful night in a Tej bar, that sometimes all you want from your accommodation is a warm welcome and a clean and comfortable room.

If luxury accommodation isn't important to you, or if you're trying to save some pennies, there are a number of budget friendly accommodation options around Lalibela.

Fikir & Ray Lodge is one of the more reliable in this category, but being a budget accommodation in Ethiopia, it's important that you set your expectations accordingly.

Accommodation in Lalibela

Ghion Roha Hotel

A former government hotel, with all the limitations that implies, The Ghion Roha Hotel is now commercially run and has 4 suites, 60 twin bedrooms, a restaurant and a bar.

It is close to the town centre and has a beautiful garden and swimming pool that seems to be rarely used. The furnishing is basic compared to other hotels nearby. Food is filling, but unsophisticated. Don’t expect the friendly staff to be lightning quick, but they are always helpful.

Accommodation in Lalibela

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