Tours to Axum

Axum is a fascinating historical town, found along the main northern circuit of Ethiopia. The town has an incredibly rich history, and your local guides can help bring this region to life for you. 

Most visitors spend just one night in Axum, as you only need one day to explore the main sites of the town.

The major attraction of the town are the obelisks, ancient grace markings of the Axumite empire. These incredible structure rise dozens of metres into the sky, and the history of their construction (and subsequent theft by the Italians and repatriation) is fascinating.

Another popular site in Axum, and one that adds to the general mystique of the town, is the church that supposedly houses the Ark of the Covenant. Entrance into the church is forbidden, so you'll have to take your guide's word for it...

Axum Tours

Tours to Axum