The Sanetti Plateau, Bale Mountains National Park

The Sanetti Plateau is a major land-form in the Bale Mountains National Park.

The area is home to an array of rodents, predatory birds, as well as the elusive Ethiopian Wolves, whose ever dwindling numbers now means the species are considered critically endangered.

One of four distinct eco-regions, the plateau has an elevation of over 4000m and neighbours the northern plains, woodlands areas across the Southern Harenna forest.  

Sanetti Plateau

Routes to the plateau

Some of the most popular routes include:

Konteh Tullu: The shortest route, this option includes a long scramble from base to summit (4,132m) with sweeping panoramic views visible almost immediately.

Tullu Deemtu:  A route that takes you up the second highest peak in Ethiopia, visitors start from the long winding main road, taking a track up the mountain. An average assent takes around two hours from bottom to peak, and the curved ridge not seen from the ground offers stunning vistas across the region.

Mt Batu: North of Tullu Deemtu, Mt Batu is one for experienced hikers, with it’s sharp ascent making it an exhilarating yet exhausting. This route is best tackled in stages, with frequent breaks and overnight stops advised, especially for the less experienced climbers.  Offering arguably the best view of all three routes, the unforgiving terrain rewards those brave enough to with panoramic scenes unlike any other. 

Sanetti Plateau

Bale Mountains National Park Map

Bale Mountains National Park Map

Getting to the Plateau

The Plateau can be reached via car, and is part of the wider Bale Mountain range, most of which can be visited with the aid of a guide. Guides provide local knowledge, as well as acting way finders and wildlife spotters as you traverse the peaks and troughs around the rocky region.

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