Attractions around the Lake

Spanning 30km from north to south and around 15km across, Lake Chamo is located just south of the main Ethiopian Rift south of Addis Ababa.

The lake sits at an elevation of 1,110 meters, looking over the central rift valley. The nearest town is Arba Minch, the gateway town into the Omo Valley

Lake Chamo is a popular trip in the morning or afternoon from your base at Arba Minch, typically before you head into the Omo for 4-5 days exploring the region.

Lake Chamo is most famous for its large hippo and croc populations. 

Lake Chamo

Crocs of Lake Chamo

Home to four of the six largest crocodiles in the world, Lake Chamo is notorious for its crocodile population.

Towards the northern end of the lake, near the Nechisar National Park, many giant crocs can be found sunbathing on the banks or nestled within the reeds

Living much deeper in the Nechsar National Park, Zebras are sometimes spotted at these waters, and the crocs will wait in the murky waters for them to take a drink...

Lake Chamo

Crocodile on the shores of Lake Chamo.