Understanding your options

Accommodation in the Bale Mountains ranges from the boutique and luxurious Bale Mountains Lodge, to budget-friendly lodging just outside the park or in the adjacent villages, with nothing in between.

If you're travelling on a budget, you'll want to consider whether you're happy to stay in more basic lodging during your time in the Bale Mountains. 

If you're happy to spend a little more, the Bale Mountains Lodge is one of the best lodges available in the country, and by far the best in the park. It is located deep in the Harenna Forest meaning it's the perfect base for exploring the park, whether by taking sorties around the park by 4x4 vehicle, or by hiking in the mountains

Bale Mountains Accommodation

Found this stunning clearing on day 1 of the trek

Bale Mountain Lodge

Set deep within the Harenna Forest of the Bale Mountains National Park, this boutique lodge is as secluded as it is characterful.

The lodge has a selection of cosy and well-designed rooms complete with a fireplace, en-suite bathroom and balcony.

The setting, character and quality of this lodge in design, facilities and service makes it one of the more expensive lodges in the country, but well worth it. 

Wabe Shebelle

Located in the small town of Goba just outside the national park, Wabe Shebelle is the only other hotel option for visiting the Bale Mountains.

The hotel is certainly no-frills, and the overall service leaves much to be admired. If you're travelling on a budget, you'll likely have to stay here as you explore the Bale Mountains. 

The hotel is acceptable, but sits on the more expensive side for what it offers. Set your expectations accordingly. 

Harenna Forest Hotel and Cultural Lodge

The small village of Rira in the Bale Mountains hosts this budget-friendly lodge. The lodge is seldom used, and the town is usually visited as a lunch stop-over during a tour of the mountains as it is the home of many of the local guides.

While the village is pretty and the people extraordinarily friendly, the lodging is only suitable for those comfortable with absolute basics. 

Harenna Forest Hotel and Cultural Lodge
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Being one of the most luxurious and popular lodges in the country, the Bale Mountain Lodge gets booked up months in advance. If you're planning a visit the Bale Mountains during your adventure in Ethiopia, you'll want to get your dates arranged well in advance. 

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