How to visit the Simien Mountains

There are a number of ways to explore the Simien Mountains. As one of Ethiopia's most popular travel destinations, it is one of the few national parks in Ethiopia that have decent accommodation options for those not wanting to camp out. 

Limalimo Lodge and Simien Lodge are the two major lodges in the park, with Limalimo Lodge being the newer and more luxurious of the two (although slightly further outside the park than Simien Lodge). 

Most visitors spend 2-3 nights in the Simien Mountains, either camping along the main escarpment or basing themselves at one of the two lodges and taking sorties into the park to the best viewpoints, hiking trails, and wildlife spots

Another popular options is to combine a 2-3 night camp with a night at Limalimo Lodge at the end - a great way to close out your time in the mountains and take some well-deserved R&R before continuing your onward journey. 

For those with a bigger appetite for adventure, it's possible to spend up to two weeks in the park, hiking across the main escarpment and then across to the lesser-visited, more rugged sections of the park. There are also a number of community guesthouses set up in remote pockets of the park. 

The Simien Mountains are home to Ras Dashen, Ethiopia's highest peak at over 4,500 metres. 

Gelada Monkey in the Simien Mountains

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Limalimo Lodge

Limalimo Lodge

The views, aesthetic and service make this lodge the perfect start or end point for any Simien trek. You can also take sorties into the park from here if you want to explore the …

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