Lodges in the Omo Valley

The infrastructure in the Omo Valley is less developed than in the north of the country, and accommodation options are more limited here. The lodges in this region are purely functional, and it’s important that you set your expectations accordingly if you are spending time in this region.

This is a remote pocket of East Africa, the lodges are often built amongst beautiful landscapes and there is a certain thrill in being out in the sticks, exploring the farthest corners of Ethiopia. The lodges provide enough to get you through your time in the Omo: a bed, shower, and decent meals - but they don’t do much more than that. 

An alternative to the basic lodges in the Omo Valley is Lale’s Camp and the fly camps nearby. Lale’s Camp is a tented camp (glamping!) set up near the Omo River. The camp gives exclusive access to otherwise inaccessible regions of the Omo, and the accommodation is better and more exciting than the usual lodges. Only a few operators can access the camp, so staying here costs significantly more than staying at the standard lodges. 

Accommodation in the Omo Valley
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The Lodges

Buska Lodge

Buska Lodge is the primary base for those visiting the Mursi. The lodge sits just outside the town of Tursi and has 20 rooms spread out over the lush gardens. Single, double, and twin rooms are available with en-suites, and - remarkably for the Omo Valley - access to WiFi! 

The restaurant serves both local and international dishes, and the lodge offers a massage and spa service.

Accommodation in the Omo Valley

Eco Omo Resort

Eco Omo Resort is the best accommodation option in the Jinka area of the Omo Valley. Accommodation here is in 26 thatched-roof huts built on raised platforms. The lodge is built in a pretty forested area, and the dining terrace is a great spot to enjoy a beer and take in your surroundings. 

Rooms offer twin or double beds, each equipped with a mosquito net and en-suite bathroom with a shower (that may or may not have hot water at the time of your visit!). 

Accommodation in the Omo Valley

Jinka Resort

The rooms at Jinka resort are basic and the lodge - while very conveniently located - will not leave much of an impression.

It’s purely functional, each room has a bed with mosquito net and en-suite bathroom. The nearby Eco Omo Resort is generally slightly better quality, but it is more expensive. 

Accommodation in the Omo Valley

Paradise Lodge

Paradise Lodge is one of the better lodges in the Omo Valley. The lodge is in Arba Minch, the first stop and gateway town into the Omo Valley. 

The lodge has a wonderful restaurant and bar with sweeping views over the forested lowlands and surrounding lakes. The service here is good, and the rooms are well-built tukuls with all the usual amenities. 

Accommodation in the Omo Valley

Dorze Lodge

Dorze Lodge has some of the best views of any of the lodges in the Omo Valley. Built on the edge of a plateau, the views of the surrounding landscape is fantastic, and the lodge has a certain charm and level of service that is hard to find in the Omo Valley.

The rooms are small tukuls designed in traditional Dorze style, and the lodge is entirely managed by the Dorze people.

Accommodation in the Omo Valley

Lale's Camp & Fly Camps

An alternative to the standard lodges in the Omo Valley is Lale’s Camp and the surrounding fly camps that have been set up by specialist operators in the region.

Lale’s camp is a luxury tented camp, the closest thing to glamping anywhere in Ethiopia! The camp is run on a private basis, meaning you will have the entire camp to yourself. The service is exceptional, and staying here offers exclusive access into otherwise inaccessible regions of the Omo Valley. 

Naturally, Lale’s Camp is much more expensive than the basic lodges, but it’s an unmissable experience for the frontier adventurer. 

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