Tours to Harar

Harar is a little cut off from the main circuit of Ethiopia. To get here, you need to catch a domestic flight into the nearby airport town of Dire Dawa, and then drive for a couple of hours before you reach Harar. 

Visiting Harar therefore requires a domestic flight there and back, and most people only spend a night or two in Harar, which means the additional travel and costs can outweigh the benefit for some travellers. 

However, the town is unique amongst Ethiopia's cities, and is well worth visiting if you are happy to make the journey. 

While the town itself if fascinating, extremely vibrant and bursting with character, Harar is most famous for the Hyenas that roam outside the city walls. One of the few places on Earth where you can get up close to these animals, and the 'Hyena Man' will show you how to feed them. 

Harar Tours

Harar Tours