Wukro Lodge, Tigray

Built in a traditional manner, using only locally sourced materials, the lodge offers guests an eco-conscious base for exploring the churches of Gheralta

Clusters of stone chalets, all with 360 degree views of the local town, as well as the mountains and valleys that encircle it, are dotted around the main complex.

The lodge includes a swimming pool (in the shape of Ethiopia), a spa, steam baths and even shops producing local artisan products. 

It’s split-level, circular design means you are never far away from an amazing view

A recent addition to the site is a microbrewery, offering a range of mouth watering wines and crisp craft beers, all made on site using centuries old techniques.

Wukro Lodge in Ethiopia

Wurko Lodge Ethos

Wukro Lodge is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as supporting opportunities for women in Ethiopia. 

The site uses a range of sustainable energy supplies, including solar panels in every room and bio-gas in the hotel's heating system.

The lodge also helps fund a number of schemes aimed at improving the employability of the women of Wukro. The small craft shop on site only employs women and encourages them to take an active role within their communities.

Wukro Lodge in Ethiopia

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