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  • The Kurfitu Resort chain is attempting to make a mark in the under-developed luxury lodging market in Ethiopia, and they're already the best accommodation available in the 3 locations where they're active. 
  • While Kuriftu operates in more popular destinations like Bahir Dar, they also have resorts in lesser-visited towns like Adama and Bishoftu, opening up these towns and their surrounding environments to the growing tourism industry in Ethiopia. 
  • The staff are committed to constantly improving their services, and with new locations opening up in the coming years, Kuriftu is full of promise. 


Bahir Dar

Kuriftu Resort Bahir Dar is the most popular of the Kuriftu portfolio and is the best accommodation available in Bahir Dar. The resort includes a swimming pool and spa and offers extraordinary views over Lake Tana

There are 28 rooms including 2 presidential suites. Many rooms share in these lake views and have an aesthetic as if they were hewn from stone. 

Kuriftu Resorts

Dinner by Lake Tana, Kuriftu Resort Bahir Dar.


Perched on the shores of Lake Koriftu just 45 minutes outside of Addis Ababa, Kuriftu Bishoftu offers 89 rooms including 4 presidential suites. The resort is perfectly placed for transits through the Rift Valley en route to the Omo Valley

Alongside the trademark Spa & Wellness Centre, Kuriftu Bishoftu also offers great kayaking and fishing expeditions out on Lake Koriftu. 

Kuriftu Resorts


This unique lodging just 90 minutes outside of Addis Ababa is geared towards couples and sits in the quiet and seldom visited town of Adama. The resort has 94 rooms, including 2 presidential suites, a swimming pool, and a great café and restaurant. 

The resort takes you outside the hustle and bustle of larger Ethiopian towns and is a great getaway if you want to add some relaxation into your adventure in the country. 

Kuriftu Resorts

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