Finding the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia

Despite the countless history channel reruns and eighties classics, the truth lies far from face melting powers, demonic apparitions and fascist new world orders. Despite common consensus, the ark is not hidden in secretive military bases, or deep within the Vatican vaults.

Despite all the fallacy and folklore, the actual truth is just as mysterious as any Hollywood screenwriter could conjure. 

The ark has been part of popular culture since pre-biblical times, with scripture claiming the Israelites worshipped the Ark, and its otherworldly powers. It has been said that when activated the Ark will release the wrath of God, with blazing fire and blinding lights that have the power to part the sea and wipe away all those unfortunate enough to stand in its way.

After King Solomon’s temple was sacked and burned down in 586 BC, the Ark was thought lost to the flames. For nearly 1000 years, the location of the ark was unknown, until it re-emerged, halfway across the world. 

Although it is unknown who managed to transport the ark to Ethiopia, or even how it was moved, reports of the Ark’s powers started flowing from the land in the late 1600s, in the rule of Emperor Iysau, who is reported to have spoken to the ark and had control over its potential for destruction and dismay.

He built the Church of Mary of Zion in Axum to house the weapon of mass destruction, where it remains to this day, under lock and key. For those brave enough to enter its final resting place, just remember Indy's words, don't look at the box!

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