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  • Gheralta Lodge is among the best accommodation available in the region, and is perfectly positioned for excursions to the rock-churches of Tigray. 
  • While rooms are more basic than the nearby Korkor Lodge, Gheralta Lodge has arguable better views as you benefit for the elevation of being on top of the plateau. 
  • Staff are friendly and accommodating and go the extra mile for all of their guests.


Gheralta Lodge is perfectly positioned for full or half day excursions to explore the rock-churches of Tigray. There are over 140 rock and cave churches in the region, with the most famous being Abuna Yemata Guh.

Depending on your interests, you'll typically spend a night or two at Gheralta Lodge as you explore the region, before heading northbound towards the Danakil, or to the nearby Mekele airport to continue your tour from there. 

Gheralta Lodge

The Lodge

This Italian-owned lodge offers 5 stone-built bungalows atop a plateau that overlooks the Gheralta Mountains. The rooms are adjacent to a promontory that offers panoramic views and is a great place to enjoy your tipple of choice as the sun sets behind the mountains on the horizon. 

The lodge is unassuming and blends nicely into the environment, and while the bungalows are simple, they're functional and perfectly pleasant. 

Gheralta Lodge


There are 5 stone-walled bungalows on offer with twin, double, or single rooms available. Each room comes with an en-suite bathroom and a small window over the desk.

The rooms have a distinct cabin feel and reception in this pocket of Gheralta is quite poor meaning you're off the grid at Gheralta Lodge. There is limited Wi-Fi accessibility at the reception, but none in the rooms. 

Gheralta Lodge

Food and Drink

The lodge offers full-board service and dinner is served at a set time with a fixed menu. Menu items lean more towards the international palate but is typically of good standard. 

Gheralta Lodge make an incredible avocado juice, so be sure to ask for this at your first opportunity!

Gheralta Lodge

Landscapes of Tigray.

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