What is the Ethiopia Tourism Collective?

COVID-19 has placed huge challenges on tourism in Ethiopia. 

The travel industry here is in its infancy, and the country is still finding its place within the East African travel market, competing for attention amongst the safari-first mindset of most international travellers. 

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we come together to support Ethiopian tourism’s recovery from COVID-19. 

We know the industry can bounce back, and continue to grow in the coming years, with sustainability and conservation at the heart of that growth. 

It’s time Ethiopia got the shine it deserves, rather than competing for relevancy in East Africa. 

Our hope is that by joining together, the travel industry in Ethiopia can bounce back faster, and grow bigger than ever before in 2021 and beyond, sustainably.  

Combined, we are a powerful force for improving the visibility of Ethiopia to the global travel market, and create a coherent entity that promotes the Ethiopian tourism industry. 

With love,

Brilliant Ethiopia

Ethiopia Tourism Collective

How do we do it?

We know there are thousands of lodge owners, tourism specialists, field guides, drivers, and hoteliers in Ethiopia with stories to tell and with up-to-date information on the developments of tourism in Ethiopia. 

Oftentimes, these stories go unheard, with little ability for in-country experts to reach a wider global audience through lack of connections with mainstream press, and disparate information too few and far between means journalists can’t thread together meaningful stories.

Our goal is two-fold: 

  1. Bridge the gap between the experts on the ground in Ethiopia and the mainstream press.
  2. Develop a collective where together we can promote Ethiopia, and significantly boost the travel demand to the destination over the next 5 years.

Let’s not wait around for individual journalists to pick up a story, let’s bring the stories to them!

For Sources

If you live and work in Ethiopia, or are otherwise dialed in to the developments of the country from either a tourism perspective, or more generally - consider joining our list. 

Twice a month, we’ll send out an email request for the latest stories. These could be anything - from interesting wildlife patterns in the absence of tourism, to how life has changed in pockets of the country that relied heavily on tourism.

We want to zoom right down to the individual level, and hear your stories. 

What’s in it for you?

Our goal is to shine light on the stories you tell us. Twice a month we write a newsletter that goes out to our network of journalists, travel bloggers, travel companies and travellers. 

If there are particular stories that are powerful, captivating, heartwarming (or heartbreaking), we’ll work with you to develop a fully fledged article on the story, with credit and links to you and your business from our website, improving your online visibility. 

With our connections to mainstream media, we can help you get you and your business in the press. 

Further, by joining as a source to our newsletter, you’ll play a direct role in supporting Ethiopian tourism, its recovery following COVID-19, and its long-term growth. 

Source Sign Up

Please follow this link to sign up to our mailing list as a source. 

For Media

If you are a journalist, travel blogger, or other media professional with an interest in Africa and African travel, you can join our newsletter and receive regular updates and stories on what’s happening in Ethiopia. 

Further, by signing up you will get direct access to our experts for any publications, articles and press releases you are working on. 

You can also go directly to them yourself, we are not gatekeepers.

Our aim is to simply bring together everyone who has an interest in the success of Ethiopian tourism. 

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