Eco Omo Resort at a glance

  • Popular hotel amenities: restaurant, outdoor terrace, gift shop. 
  • Room amenities: mosquito nets, en suite bathrooms.
  • Location: just outside Jinka on the Neri River in the Omo Valley
  • Room types: single or double.
  • Our verdict: a basic accommodation set in nice, natural surroundings. Be prepared for maintenance issues - you're in a remote corner of Ethiopia. 
Eco Omo Lodge
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The rooms are all situated in small bungalows, which have thatched roofs and are made from canvas and wood. They are small and simple, with either twin beds or a double bed on offer.

Each room has mosquito nets that drape the beds and en-suite bathrooms with a toilet, basin and a shower that has hot water (most of the time!). As calls to prayer may interrupt the sleep of some, it is possible to purchase earplugs cheaply in the gift shop. 

Eco Omo Lodge


If you’re heading into the Omo Valley, chances are you’ll be stopping in Jinka for a night or two to visit the tribes nearby: the Mursi, Suri, Nyangatom and Hamar.

The communities of the Omo Valley, numbering 200,000 altogether, face an uncertain future due to rapid economic development of the region. Nonetheless, they have managed to preserve much of their traditional way of life - at least for now. 

Eco Omo Lodge


There is a restaurant at Eco Omo called Sidamo Bamboo, which serves food made from the fresh produce grown in the lodge’s grounds, as well as freshly-ground coffee from their plantation in the gardens.

They serve (buffet) breakfast, lunch and dinner, and base many of their dishes on Italian ones. From the lovely terrace at the restaurant, visitors can gaze out at the Neri River and the lodge’s natural surroundings. 

Eco Omo Lodge

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