Buska Lodge at a glance

  • Popular hotel amenities: restaurant, bar, spa, campsite, shuttle service. 
  • Room amenities: mosquito nets, en suite bathrooms with hot water, Wi-Fi (only in the early morning/evening), sunrise terraces (only in twin rooms).
  • Location: Keske River, just outside Tursi in the Omo Valley
  • Room types: single, double and twin rooms.
  • Our verdict: this lodge is in a lovely natural setting and has better facilities, cleanliness and service than many other similar lodges in the region.
Buska Lodge

Tukuls at Buska Lodge


There are 20 rooms in total, set in thatched huts that are scattered around the lush gardens of the property. There are single, double and twin rooms on offer, which all have mosquito nets, their own bathrooms and access to Wi-Fi. The twin rooms all have their own sunrise terraces.

A single room costs $98.00/night, a double costs $129.00/night and a twin costs $138.00/night at time of writing.

The rooms are simple but are clean and the hot water is reliable. The place is generally peaceful at night so a good night’s sleep should be guaranteed. It should be noted that electricity is only on from 6:30am to 9:30am and then again from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. 

Buska Lodge

Rooms at Buska Lodge


The food at the two restaurants, included in the room charge for breakfast and dinner, is generally good, although the service can be slow at times.

There are both European and Ethiopian options. One of the restaurants also has a well stocked bar. 

Buska Lodge

Grounds at Buska Lodge


Massage and spa services are on offer at Buska Lodge, including manicures, pedicures and Swedish full-body massages. There is a campfire at night where barbecues are offered. As the lodge is located quite far from the centre of town, a shuttle service is provided. The lodge is wheelchair accessible. 

There is also a separate campsite for those who would prefer to sleep in a tent, with 10 roofed island camping sites and a separate camping site for bigger groups that has six communal kitchens and dining areas.

Buska Lodge

Tukuls at Buska Lodge

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