Booking a trip with us

A single point of payment

When you book a trip to East Africa, you'll be contracting a number of different suppliers, from hotels and lodges to tour operators and airlines. 

All of these suppliers have different payment terms and cancellation policies

The finance infrastructure in East Africa is extremely under-developed, this means making payments to these suppliers can be a long, complicated process. And if your plans change, it can be very difficult to get money back out of the country. 

If you're managing this yourself, it can be extremely stressful. If you're planning a multi-country trip, it gets even more painful. 

If you book through us, we'll take care of all of that for you. 

Woman in front of Blue Nile Falls in Bahir Dar

The view on the approach walk to Blue Nile Falls

Simple payment process

To secure your trip with us, you just need to pay a deposit (typically 20%) to secure the arrangements.

Your balance will be due 2 months prior to departure. At this point, you will have received all of your final travel documentation. 

And that's it. 

No complicated transfers to multiple suppliers, or awkward re-routes to local East African accounts. 

Booking With Us

Taking a break, Community Trekking in Tigray.

Get the most from your trip

We're here to make your dream African adventure come to life. 

From the moment you get in touch with us, you'll have a whole team of East Africa specialists behind you. Use us to get the absolute most out of your adventure. 

We know how to plan and run once-in-a-lifetime trips, but the more you can tell us about what would make your trip special, the better we can make suggestions that are right for you. 

So send us those long emails with bullet point questions, ping us on WhatsApp with random thoughts for your trip, or give us a call to talk anything through. 

More fun, less stress. 

Man spreading arms in front of landscape view in the Simien Mountains

Tom on the 'Roof of Africa'.

Ready to plan your African adventure?



We'll spend some time listening to your aspirations, then discuss the kind of experience that might suit you.



Next we'll discuss the options, shortlist the best trips for you and present you our impartial recommendations.



We'll place a 24 hour hold on your preferred option - without obligation - whilst we talk through the details.

Whatever your budget, group size, length of stay, preferred activity or appetite for adventure, we can help.

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